Accurate moisture measurement of sawn timber

A moisture meter for dry timber which analyses the moisture content and profile of boards on dry sorting lines, in planing mills or when remanufacturing sawn timber.

The MOISTSPY moisture meter measures the moisture profile of sawn timber in dry grading or remanufacturing plants. Moisture is measured using microwaves that penetrate the board from 4 to 8 points. Accurate moisture measurement improves the detection of drying errors and makes follow-up to the drying process more effective.

By combining the MOISTSPY moisture meter with the NOVA grading system and ENDSPY end camera, even more comprehensive information about the boards is obtained for sorting, optimisation and strength-grading.


  • Microwave GHz measurement
  • One-point calibration
  • Continuous measurement with no contact
  • Operating speed of up to 240 boards per minute
  • 4-8 sensor pairs
  • Board dimensions: width min. 75 mm, thickness 15-100 mm
  • Moisture measuring range: 5-25%
  • Resolution: +/- 0.1%

Benefits of MOISTSPY

  • Fast and accurate moisture profile measurement
  • Grading of drying errors
  • Kiln monitoring
  • No need for calibration

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